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(Constituent College of Kadi Sarva Vishwavidyalaya, Gandhinagar)

Workshops / Seminars / Expert Sessions / TET-TAT


Seminars, workshops and Expert Sessions hold great importance in life of a future teacher. Going beyond the horizons of books and making something innovative is certainly a measure to improve them in practical terms. Attending Seminars, workshops and conferences have numerous benefits, including improving communication skills, gaining expert knowledge, networking with others and renewing motivation and confidence. Listening to any prominent personality helps trainees to gain an insight and vision. Workshops, seminars and Expert Sessions are being organized at regular intervals in the college for our trainees to fulfill the same motive. College is inviting subject experts from different universities / institutions / organizations for conducting such seminars/workshops/Sessions. Trainees can have opportunities to interact with eminent personalities and ask their queries. The feedback of the students is collected at the end of each seminar/workshop/ Session so that their perception can be properly analyzed for future planning.



“Vedic Maths”

A workshop on ‘Vedic Maths’ was organized at S.V. College of Education & Soorajba College of Education, Kadi on 31st August, 2019. A well knowledgeable Expert in Vedic Maths, Mr. Yogesh Prajapati delivered an informative session solving mathematical problem with use of dynamic short tricks. The interactive session answered many of students’ doubts and helped them get clear understanding of basic fundamental of Vedic Maths and various parts of it. More than 140 students of B.Ed. and the faculty members attended the session. Objectives: Student can easily solve mathematics puzzle and questions; it will be useful for TET/TAT Examination also.

Expert Session


“Motivational Speech: The Treasure Within”

An Expert Session was organized for the trainees by our college on 8th February, 2020. For which Dr. Sanjay Govekar from Associate Professor at G.V.M.’s Dr. Dada Vaidya College of Education, Ponda, Goa State who gave special speech and played different ‘Mind Games’ to trainees and provided inspiration.

Dr. Govekar delivered a memorable session on the topic of ” Motivational Speech : The Treasure Within” who offered a complementary speech under his hectic schedule all the way coming from GOA, from 09:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Prof. Govekar extended and performed various live exercises under the category of Photogenic Memory. He recited poetries emotionally and delivered ever remembered historic dialogues between Shivaji and Aurangzeb with physical expression, gestures with great sentimentality(emotionality).Trainees were enthusiastic to participate in the activities molded out , acquired inspiration and felt great satisfaction.

Expert Lecture


“Techniques of Fostering Creativity”

We are very happy to inform you that a special lecture was organized jointly by SV College of Education & Soorajba College of Education, Kadi on 13th September, 2019.

Dr. Keval Andhariya (Smt. M.N.K. Dalal College for Women, Paldi) was the special guest who imparted very useful knowledge on the topic certain ways of Fostering Creativity, creation from waste, analytical thinking etc. to the first year and second year trainees of B.Ed.

The interactive session answered many of students’ doubts and helped them get clear understanding of how to develop skill about fostering creativity and apply on school students. More than 150 students of B.Ed. and the faculty members attended the session.


It will be useful for classroom teaching during Internship & In-service.; it will be useful to make Annual Lesson by using various techniques.


In charge Faculty: Dr. Dushyant Algotar

Expert Session: Year: 2019 – 20

After completing the B.Ed. course, the trainees have to appear for the TET and TAT examinations to join the government service as teachers. As a part of which our college invite experts from different disciplines and prepare the trainees for TET and TAT during B.Ed. Course.

Sr. No. Date Topic Expert Target Group No.of. Beneficiary
1 28th January, 2020 Indian Constitution 1 Mr. Parthraj Solanki Semester 2 70
2 29th January, 2020 Indian Constitution 2 Mr. Parthraj Solanki Semester 2 75
3 29th January, 2020 Gujarati Grammar Mr. Jayesh Patel Semester 2 83
4 30th January, 2020 English Grammar Mr. Jignesh Soni Semester 2 85
5 2nd March, 2020 Gujarati Grammar Mr.Jethalal Patel Semester 2 89

Mr. Parthraj Solanki – Indian Constitution


Mr. Jayesh Patel – Gujarati Grammar


Mr. Jignesh Soni – English Grammar


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